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Happy Christmas to you, too!

I actually have been playing a super old PS2 era game called "ObsCure" with my fiance. It is very Resident Evil/Silent Hill styled. They cleaned up some of the graphics for the PC release, but the screen plays remind me of the good old days. I need to play a Suikoden game again sometime.

I haven't actually gotten to play the GU games, though I watched someone play it. I also still prefer games with the voices in Japanese than English lol

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It's true that Japanese voices are more likeable (I like the fact that Melfina, Gwendolyn and Atoli have the same Japanese VA), but the acting in games at around 2007 are superior to those heard in games like Tales of Eternia or Evergrace, the acting in those late 90s or early 2000s games were godawful. JRPGs back in those days had translation issues. So glad games like Suikoden 4 changed all that.

Though, I have to admit that Michelle Ruff's performance in Jade Cocoon was impeccable. She was my age when the game came out.

Other than that, I'd like to know more about ObsCure myself. Not sure why that wasn't included in teh2Dgamer's underrated games playlist on Youtube.

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Alot of it isn't even that the voices are bad, just that they are so different. I also blame the directors of the English releases a lot. I've done panels with English VA and heard stories about what the directors require and it's like...yikes. No wonder! Plus translations are more adaptions than translations and it can make a BIG difference. Like I played Persona 5 in Japanese (so Japanese version, no English available whatsoever), but bought it in English when it got released and lent it to my fiance so he played that version. In the Japanese version, one of the characters comes off as this cute fanboy but in the US, the dialogue changes made him into a creepy stalker. I did find that games directed/casated by Wendy Lee are generally some of the best for English releases. Not only is she amazing as a voice over, but she really seems to understand how to work with the voice direction.

Oh man, Jade Cocoon. That game was so long ago! I don't honestly remember any of the voice acting, haha, it's been so long since I played it.

ObsCure is very much like Resident Evil with the controls and fixed camera angles, but more like Silent Hill with the overall environment and story. We streamed it as we played it, so if you're interested, I've been archiving all of my Twitch stuff onto my Youtube account. (I haven't uploaded last night's when we finished the game yet cause Twitch requires me not do it til 24 hours have passed)