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oh my! i never expected a group invite thing for this
christmas ponies 2017 - bravewellfarevisions by SoraWithWings
i didn't know the horse i was drawing was this breed :dummy:
sorry the request expired ;x; i've been on my other acc.

altho it says "24 minutes ago" so that's odd o.o maybe u didn't want it after all and canceled it? D:

well if u still want it send the request again and then leave a comment on YugiohHorses saying "sora go check ur notifs on ur other acc" eAe; tyty ♥
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I did not decline it, so it must have been bad luck with the 24 minutes xD
I'll send you exactly that comment on your other account now c:
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thanks thanks! :dummy:
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thanks for inviting my piccie! :iconexcitedlaplz: good luck with ur breed! ♥
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