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BriarHK Featured By Owner May 3, 2017   Traditional Artist
Hi! Um, this isn't so much a question about the species as is it is a question of who'd be willing to let me play around with their Ambrivans a little in a short story I'm working on centered around Aster and Shin. I'm not sure if there's a place to put something like this so...?

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sailorx161 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017
You can use my guy 

Your Local tailor by sailorx161
iLantiis Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can put up a journal and submit it to the group. We would love to engage members like this and even have Ambrii set up for it under collabs and art of others OCs.

As for my OCs, I have a thing set up for Grenge and am gonna find him / make him a lifemate, but Sela is spunky and always out for a good time. She'd be more likely to visit a bar (or barlike establishment) than Grenge. She's a fashionista but that's as far as I've really gotten with her haha. If you want to, you can have fun with her XD

CLOSED Female Ambrivan by iLantiis
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