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You sound really smart.
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Why, thanks. I play a philosophisticator on the Internet.
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Hellos its Kaiserin Emma from star crossed!
Some solid art you've got up here oroboros, reminds me of western comic book style art, once imagined what a Judge Dredd themed drawing by you would look like too.
Added you to my watchlist.
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Hey Kaiserin Emma! Thanks for the follow :)

I should try rendering Judge Dredd one day.
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That conversation we had about Consequentialism and Deonthology was fascinating, ended up using it as a reason for a spiritualistic character death (well his first demise), he believed himself the knight of deonthos but didn't know he was a consequentialist because he was born to backwards concepts of the notions of good and evil.
Also I've dabbled with the notion of existentialism vs instrumentality buddism, had the idea for a God that attempts to shove a bajillion souls into individual bodies(his own included) so he could believe and have others believe in his philosphy without it coming from a single individual but rather a collective many within each body. Now this would eliminate existentialism as the notion of philosophy coming from the single self allowing him to live on without being rendered infallible if someone figured out that without his soul fusion method his philosophical stance would indeed be coming from himself.
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Can you send me a link to the Knight of Deonthos story, if it is already written?

I recommend you to read some Dostoyevsky, particularly the Devils (or the Possessed) because the themes in your second message relates to a certain character called Kirilov.

Fiction writing is a great vehicle for testing philosophical ideas - always has been and always will be. :)
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Unfortunately not necessarily a story persay, but somewhere in my gallery exists a poem with that as a theme. I have poems and ideas loosely connected to each other.
I'll have to give that author a look sometime.
Although here are a few poems that may be interesting to you in particular:
[link] (This one is my thoughts of Makishima Shogo and the references in psycho pass, he gets alluded to as (makeshi)ft (shogu)n

[link] (This ones about you)

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Your writing is excellent and holds tremendous promise!

Yes, Dostoyevsky should be right up your alley as a writer for thinkers. He did impact my life when I went to Italy for the first time and read his novels. That was almost like a religious conversion and I became a dyed-in-the-wool existentialist.

I appreciate the Oroboros story :D
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*on not of.
Third poem I explain in the authors comments bit.
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Short version: Eliminate individualism gone is existentialism.
Of course everyone ends up screwed though in this plot due to main philosophical stance of the lead villain being solipsism.
I've also toyed with the idea of that to kill God, mankind would have to end itself if it was an extension of God, no-one would be around to believe in God anymore so God might possibly cease to exist. And if we acknowledge God never existed in the first place while saying we are God then Ah-ha! Mankind does not exist!
Dude I am an addict for this stuff like yourself lol
I am also obsessed with logical paradoxs in my spare time.
I mean think for a second that nothing word, how can it be nothing, it has to be something because its a descriptive, a word that describes the void and the void as well as words are somethings themselves.
I created a kingdom in my writings where every individual citizen spoke a different language and because nobody understood each other that lack of understanding became a universally spoken language.
Heh sorry for the wall texts of this mad one mad Irish woman, make of them what you will.