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I finally logged on here after years. I haven't drawn in forever. Life happens right? My oldest is graduating high school this year and heading to college in the fall. My youngest is trying to survive his first year of high school. It's crazy right? I feel so old but then I log on and I feel so young. I miss my friends and those whose art I followed religiously. I met you at Akon once. It was awesome. I have an autographed copy of Fading Memories in my study surrounded by all my anime, manga, books, and movies. My "nerd room" as my oldest calls it. 
Anyways, thank you for the memories. Happy to say I've got a piece of it all to call my own. <3
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You truly are a legend in the Inuyasha fandom, and your drawings will always live on forever. Sometimes I look up funny or cute Inuyasha fanart--or Inuyasha wallpapers--on Google images, and your art never fails to pop up all over the search results.

And on those countless Youtube slideshow videos of Inuyasha pictures, your art always makes it to the majority of those videos. I'm so glad I finally found the page of such an influential artist within the Inuyasha fandom. Than you for the work you have done, and thank you for the amazing memories. :heart: