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So, have you heard the news? They're making a new Commander Keen game.

Unfortunately, the general consensus about it is that this is a bad thing. It's really not that impressive looking. :|
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Yeah. I saw the trailer this morning. It’s definitely a style change, but I guess you can’t expect them to keep the old EGA graphics unless they really wanted the retro feel. The only thing that really threw me was the twin sister character which really seemed out of place. Even so, there have been a bunch of classic ‘89s/‘90s cartoon reboots that have been done well, so I’ll hold judgement until the game comes out.
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I wanna do the same as well, as I am actually okay with the idea of a next-gen reboot, the art style, and so on, but that gameplay footage just seems very underwhelming to me. :| The trailer in of itself was more impressive than the actual gameplay to me. Looking around, it seems most everybody else, even the people not already familiar with Keen, think similarly. So I doubt this is going to be much of a success, sales-wise.

But we'll see. Maybe I'll be surprised. :shrug: