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  1. I've been drawing as long as I can remember. Everything is done digitally.

  2. There isn't any "tick" to how I draw or write. I just do what comes to me. Sorry to disappoint.

  3. Aredon and Riho would know of each other, but likely wouldn't interact much if at all.

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1. So you do everything in digital art, both the sketches, the characters, the setting, and the comics and everything? I see, I am not surprised, it is purely modern, Drawing and Art in the XXI century style, am I wrong?

2. Regarding the second question, do not worry, you have not disappointed me, I am aware that creating a character and the story takes time, but one thing, Miss Ulario, what does that "tic" mean? I understand, please.

3.About Aredon and Riho, what does that mean that they don't interact much, because I don't understand what interacting is, could you tell me what it is, please.