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MiruaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey again!

We did some tests and it seems the comment thread hasn't reached its limit and is still working :(

One of the mods suggests that, if you're commenting on a phone or tablet, it might be worth trying on a PC as mobile deviantART is quite buggy..

Otherwise, have you tried commenting just anything as a reply? I'm wondering if copy-pasting from the doc is causing some weird problem.

If you can type just the codes of your first and second choice genos (eg, A-36 and C-112) I'd accept that.

Otherwise, I might have another idea <3
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drgnessHobbyist General Artist
oh... now it works! yay! ( i appreciate your help! thx!)
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MiruaeHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so pleased it works now! It was my pleasure <3
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