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Hey. Just wanted to ask you, why did you invite me to your members? 

I don't really know you, so I thought I'd ask. ^^;
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Hi there! :) No problem asking questions. :) I invited you because you either:

1. Sent me or inkhana a llama.
2. Faved one of our pieces.
3. Commented on one of our pieces.
4. Watched one of our accounts. 

Just thought since you showed an interest that you might like to watch our current manga project too! Thanks so much for joining! :D
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Oh, okay. I didn't know what it was, so I thought I'd ask. 

A lot of weirdos have been approaching me lately, so it's nice to know I wasn't singled out or anything, haha. XD
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XD! Nah, no singling out here. :) Just trying to share something that we hoped you'd enjoy. <3
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I'll try to give it a look if I can. My situation's a little complicated atm. ^^;