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Wow. I just went through and read all the quotes in the journals. This is a wonderful group and it has already given me a lot to think about!

I don't know if this is possible, but if people in this group are sort of active and want to try this, maybe we could have some sort of conversations or like a help desk...basically, people are constantly suffering, and maybe other people in this group can help. If you are feeling down, we can listen and offer support. I don't know, just a thought. I'd be happy to discuss legisitics with someone.
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Thank you dear! That sounds great! :) I've been trying to ask people if they want to help be a contributor or co-founder and no one has really stepped up xD If you want you can be given a position just to help more further with it ^^ Its hard to keep up on my own! I was hoping someday it would be one of those popular helpful groups to inspire a lot of deviants out there! I'm hoping to get around sometime :) But thank you and any help would be so much appreciated! Its so hard to do it on my own and my co-founder has been going through a lot of things so she hasn't been on much (which I understand). But yeah that sounds like a great idea! :) I also have this group that isn't that far quite yet xD >> dAHELP-line Its where deviants who are going through some problems on here or in rl and talk to someone about it :) Like I said its not really that far xD But maybe combining these two groups in a way might help :)
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I completely understand not being able to do much on your own. Right now I am super busy with the end of my school semester, but I will keep this message and think about it later. I want to help, I just need to think about whether or not I can with my other commitments.