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I'll assume you are coming in from the Templecon website and already a bit familiar with Unhallowed Metropolis. The author, Jason Soles, is the main art director and decides what needs to be in the pictures for the books and such. Right now the main thing we are looking for right now is armor. After that, I'm sure any mad science equipment or electric style weapons would be welcome as would any accessories to add to the feel. Your electric guns seems nice.

If you are planning on being at Templecon, I'l be trying to schedule some photoshoots and would be interested in seeing if you had anything that could be used. In return you could get prints and if anything is used in pictures for a book, written credit.
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Yes, I found a link from here. I am sorry I will not be at Templecon, I will be back in Pittsburgh at that time.
I have a demo reel of some of my other works on youtube under mondoartist if you like to watch it or pass it onto Mr. Soles.
Thank you for writing back. I hope to meet sometime in the future.