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This is a bit random, but so far you're the oldest dA member I could find. (I'm trying to find the oldest/semi-active member, for the helluvit.)
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Just passin' through...
I'm so old I joined this site to thumb my nose at Elfwood's petty rules.
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I have a fairly old account. 8 stinking years.
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ding ding ding! we have a winner. You don't sound too pleased though! ;D
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I'm trying to do the same, and yeah, no success either.. I'm trying to find someone who's been here for the whole nine years (other than the admins, of course) ...but so far I fail OTL
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Yay! If you find anyone older, please share!

And actually, I think my other dA account might be even older: [link] ... I created nick15.dA because I forgot about nickfifteen.dA. :D
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Yeah, that account is older by a hell of a lot >___>;;