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Yes, I was 10 days with my wife in Finland (and 1 day in Tallinn in Estonia). We visited friends near Helsinki and stayed then 5 days at their summer cottage in the wild near a lake. It was a really nice experience, living for a few days without electricity and tap water :-)
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It sounds great! As my dayly life and business, I hardly imagine the life without modern technologies such as electricity. I have no confidence to tolerate no electricity and medias. My or most Japanese people's lifestyles might be extremely special.
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For me too, without electricity/Internet is no work possible.
But for a few days, it was very relaxing to be cut off the civilization.
We made wood fire to warm us up (it was only 10-11°C outside...) and cooked on a gas stove.
If you're interested, I began yesterday to publish a diary about this trip on my website ;-)