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Man, I know this seems stupid, but do you have a subscribe-able service? I make reference sheets and all kinds of badges and cute art and your content is literally some of the best kinds of "decorations" and finishing touches to almost everything. I make "pretty crap", but with a pattern or texture or boarder that's "juuuuuuuust riiiight" suddenly everything can just fall right into place and feel that much more complete than it might have before. If I attempted to buy everything from you I needed I would be all too poor to even start. BUt a patreon where I could use so much stuff a month for a base fee would be hella rad for incredible content creators like you who boast massive galleries like yours. :"D!

Either way, please know your content is stunning in every aspect and I really admire what you do. Folks like you are my bread and butter sometimes and without ya'll I dunno what the heck I'd ever do.

10/10 would support a mazillion times a week if I wasn't always on the threshold.