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Listen I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

Lately I’ve been given a lot of the thought as the Nlian’s mining planet Icar.

Class: K (Adaptable) 
Population: 25,000
Its a hot, arid world with several active volcanoes.
It's rich in ores and minerals, including dilithium.
It's the location of Nlia's largest mining facilities, refineries and shipyards and has many
off world visitors.


As you can see from the links, Icar is the first planet from the sun and Nlia the second.

When I first pictured Icar I thought of it as being similar to Mars. For that I probably should
have had Icar be the second planet.

Nlia is a desert so Icar being closer to the sun must be a lot hotter. I’ve been debating how hot its temperature is if it is as hot as Mercury or Venus and trying to imagine how a colony there would work.

I’d greatly appreciate your advice and input!  


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I think I have just the video for you =D…

Although, Mercury is hot due to it's proximity to the sun, and Venus is hot because of it's 91 bar atmospheric pressure.
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Thanks for the video.
Icar is hot because of its closeness to the sun too. 
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