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I am incredibly proud of you. You are a
wonderful soul and this world is a much
better place because you're in it. Thank
you so much for being alive, for spreading
your light to others and making their
lives better, whether or not you're even
aware of it.
Also ~
However you may personally feel about your
art style as it is right now, despite what
anyone else has to say about it, first and
foremost only draw for yourself. Enjoy what
you create and create what you enjoy. If other
people like it, then great. If not, then at least
YOU are happy and satisfied with what you've
Keep safe, stay well, and may your artistic
abilities only continue to excell into something
more wonderful and beautiful as the years
progress onward.
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L-L-artsHobbyist General Artist
You don't know that ;;
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I do. <3 
You shouldn't worry about making for us. About making for anyone other then yourself. No one is forcing you or driving you to make something you don't want. 
Art should be fun, a way to express your emotions and ideas. And when you do that, what you make is a feast for the eyes. <3
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