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omygoodness I have not looked at your profile (or 99.9% of deviantart for that matter) in a hot minute. I just came to ask when your birthday was and I was hit by all this new awesome art! well I can't be surprised at all because I have been inactive for so long LOL

I love your work so much :') you'll never fail to be one of my biggest inspirations.

...ANYWHOOO burps so your birthday was like around June 29 right? or maybe July? or November?? I'M TERRIBLE AT REMEMBERING DATES DX

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I'm glad you're still doing well! Good to see a spark of life from you on here xD

You were super close, it's June 27th. My crappy old person memory makes me struggle to remember even my closest friends birthdays sometimes honestly xD ... and I totally forgot yours but I see now it's Aug 29, hahah