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Oh my! :noes: I find UTTERLY outrageus that you have that low numbers and that you've being so underrated by comunity here Nuu Nuu Nuu
Your art style is so great and full of personality Nuu 
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Thank you for being interested in my work. The reason why I have a relatively low number of viewers is that I don't socialize much, haha. I use the website for portfolio purpose more. However, I do reply to comments and critiques of my work. 
If you can follow me too on ArtStation (…), that would be great. 
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Oh, I see :meow: I thought it was that way, indeed but it's always a shame see people talented like you so underrated no matter socializing or not :stare:
Anyway I will for sure take a lot to your ArtStation! Thank you so much for being so nice to link :)