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May I buy CC using USD (paypal)?
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Clovercoins (CC) are a currency to encourage participation within the species. At this time, they are not purchasable with USD (Paypal), as that would imbalance the economy. (Why draw when you can just spend money?)

However, there are features that can be purchased for USD or Points. The Redesign Kit (Design Edit Kit) and Common MYO slot can be purchased through the commission widget on Pillowing-Archive's page.

Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare MYO slots can be purchased directly in this journal (And if you want to upgrade a slot, it would cost the difference between the slot you are looking to upgrade and the slot you currently hold)

The redesign kit can also be purchased through that linked journal (for the same price as the Archive Profile.)

So there is a lot that can be gained through USD purchases, but the currency is only to be earned through species activity. There are plenty of ways to earn CCs, though, if you are interested. (Monthly Prompts, Spotlight fanart [On Pillowing-Pile's front page], Drawing your pillowing or someone else's pillowing, drawing the daycare pillowings, etc)
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