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Hello! Hopefully it’s alright to ask questions here, looking for an answer from anyone who’s participated: I’ve been wondering if it’s acceptable join primarily to attack, while encouraging people who want to return the favor to attack someone else’s characters instead? (The “someone else” wouldn’t be anyone specific, just a general “consider attacking a random person on my team instead!” kind of thing.)

Asking because I mostly want an excuse to go ham on gift art, but I’m ambivalent about having my own characters drawn and would prefer people’s efforts go to those who really want it—BUT I understand this is an Art Trade Event and this might run counter to the spirit or be seen as rude or something ^^" Hopefully that made sense, and thanks for your time!
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Hi there! I know you mentioned you changed your mind, but just for future reference (or for anyone passing by and wondering), this is totally okay!! You are not obligated to have any characters up yourself. You are absolutely allowed to attack users without wanting to receive anything back yourself. <3 While Art Fight is indeed a trading event, the primary spirit of the game is the give art to others, ultimately. And this would completely fall in line with the spirit of our game!

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!!! Aw nice, good to know! Thank you for the clarification :D

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I am pretty that's fine I guess, but most people want to attack you back. If they don't attack back then the attack defence ratio goes down. Many people don't care about that ratio, I personally do and keep mine over 50%. Also if you attack back you get points and everyone likes points. Since I and many other always attack back when getting attacked having someone who doesn't want to be attacked seems a bit annoying. Plus I don't think you can join a team without at least one character posted. Glad that you are joining the fight this year though!

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Ah yeah, that makes sense. I didn’t know there was a ratio when I wrote that either (shame you can barely see the site logged-out, though I guess it’s probably a character theft prevention measure), but that’s a really good incentive to attack back :0 Thank you for the thorough answer!

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Uhhhh I can’t seem to edit my comment, so I’m replying instead: changed my mind, I’ll be joining in full this year >:3 Leaving this comment up in case the answer might be relevant to someone else, though!