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Hello! I would like to warn you of one of your newer members; user Fire-Dusk is a scammer, thief and recently impersonated someone and used their paypal.

Please be wary, as many species have banned her for thief, scams and making offbrands just to spite the species.
Catherine Hu is BACK / SCAMMER ALERTArtIsMyPath said it and because of it, she and the rest of the ASU (Anti-Scammer Union) got banned. Catherine is still creating accounts to scam, trace and steal art/OCs. MAIN JOURNAL (21/08/19, by ArtIsMyPath): newer accounts are:(last update of this journal: 30/01/2020) She also goes by the name "shining_star", "shiningstar2020".Sinopsis of her being a horrible human being: - Paying for adopts/commissions with PayPal and after asking for a charge back after getting the adopts/art. - Claimed other art as theirs.- Tried to commission other people's OC's claiming they were theirs.- Scammed with adoptables.- Scammed and tried to scam with commissions (Mainly art).- Scammed with ToyHouse Codes. - Scammed people for online currency (points) for real money (USD). - Ripped off species and characters. - Impersonated ArtIsMyPath on Instagram as well as bbellaaa on DeviantArt (and tried to buy a 45 USD slot MYO with her PayPal). - Sold OCs to later on re-sell them or kept using them. Currently banned on this species: Waterdogs, Glass Dogs, Umis, Flyenas, Constellions, Fizzy Drinks, Smoke Cats, Gashabons, Gemions, Crystaline Cats, NebuCubs, Crylistxs.[Deviantart]warriorcatslover2019 [banned]brightspirit2019 [banned]catherinehu2004 [banned]splashheart2020 [name changed to down]ivy-pelt [banned]splashheart2020alt [report it / She bought core with this account]rising-cloud [banned]sunsetflower20 [report it]warriorcatsfan2020 [report it]fire-dusk [report it, current active][Instagram]warriorcatslover2019 [report it]brightspirit2019 [report it]catherine_hu2019 [took over]mothcats_artz [private, report it][ToyHouse]BrightSpirit [banned]BrightSpirit2019 [banned] BrightSpirit2020 [banned]Splashheart2020 [banned][Patreon]BrightSpirit [report it][ArtPal]BrightSpirit [ASU took over] [Twitter]splashheart2020 [report it] [Refsheet]firedusk [report it] [Email]She's still using "" (this information was revealed by herself publicly, posting this is not ilegal).For more information contact me on Instagram (@ wallho_artist).Be careful and stay safe. WATERMARK YOUR ART!!