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Hey, I'm recruiting you to do me a huge favor. In a nutshell, I need you to comment right here:

Just write a sentence (or few) agreeing or disagreeing with my artcle. It needs to at least be one full sentence. Why do I need you to do that? Easy, its a contest to see whose article can get the most comments. If you help me, I'll be able to win a nice amount of loot, which I plan on raffling a large chunk off to gather money for my favorite charity, Child's Play.

Thanks SO much.

<3 Amber

PS: You don't have to be a geek to do this, I just had to write a how-to on anything of my choice.

PPS: Thanks in advance. I LOVE YOU SO HARDCORE.


PPPS: Contest ends on the 10th. HURRY UP :noes: