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vikyy01Student Filmographer
I have a question (two, actually) :3

I would like  to do a Coin Work ( when I finish my owed art, lol) and I was wondering about the couple art and the companion bonus: what is the difference? And, it must be between GP or they can be other animal/species/etc.?

Also, is the mane a trait? I would love to see my GP with mane owo
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ChissingtonHobbyist Digital Artist
Couple art: the pones are together/in some form of romantic/platonic relationship. (Usually 2 goopy pones)
Companion: kind of like a pet, or a non-goopy pone animal

I guess if your goopy pone has a friend or romantically involved with another like horse type breed, it would count more towards couple art. 

Also! The mane! Its common! You can totally add a mane for free. (I just typically draw them without b/c I like how they look in my style without one xD)
But yes, adding goo where a horse would have long hair; mane/tail/legs is totally cool beans. Also changing the breed, like if you wanted like a pony sized goopy pone or a draft. I pretty much give free will of that ;u; I just ask the goo all pretty much matches for the most part. (like if the tail was like. purple, blue, and green, the mane would have at least 2 of those)
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vikyy01Student Filmographer
Oh, cool! :D

Thanks for the info ^.^