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Ahhhh thank you so much for the watch bby:iconmuahplz: I really appreciate it <333

If you like my art feel free to check me out on YouTube ,Tumblr , or Facebook  :iconasdfghbeeplz: //shamelessly self-promotes LOL
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No prob ~

I really like your arts, especially the vivid light. And your lines are so naturally.

BTW, I'm really concern about whether I should switch from mouse to tablet.

I've used mouse a lot, normally use besizer tool to draw lines, and use a line in triangle (or other simple polygon) draw a variable line. Of course its very hard to use freehand tool via mouse, so I just use it in color filling.

I've experienced my classmate's tablet for a short time, it's hard to positioning, but easy to repeat touching, I also draw lines using besizer tool instead of freehand, because of my handshaking.Maybe I need more practice..

I plan to thoroughly learn to draw in this summer holiday, it's worth a try to use tablet ?

// sorry for my poor English _(:з」∠)_

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Yes I do recommend it! I talk about it more in one of my YouTube videos, you can watch it here:… (: