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Is this group still active? ouo
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Hey there! dunno if you still hold interest, But we have been picking up activity again if you would like to join still.
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I have noticed that, yes~ ;u;
I am thinking about it, but right now I won't be making new apps because there are events going on in the groups that I am in right now.
So I'll be waiting for a little calmer moment and then think about a character for this lovely group if I have time for another group at that time. ;u;
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Fabulous! I just wanted to make sure you didn't feel forgotten uvu/
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Awww, that's so kind of you~ QuQ
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Heh I try~

If ever you have any questions feel free to note the group! Our mods like to help, but our skype ooc chat is most active (most only go to the chatroom to RP) So yes. Best wishes for you into the future, regardless of where that takes you. -tosses glitter then rolls away to stop bothering you-
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Sure thing~
I'll poke ya guys if I get any questions, I won't promice anything but I'll at least keep stalking the grouup for now. ;u;

//rolls in the glitter

oh you are not bothering me, you are just being nice- //shot
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yes, we're just a liiiiiiittle sleepy at the moment. things should pick up more in the summer.
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Well, that's better than dead. >u<
I'll just casually keep on stalking the group then and consider joining when I have more time myself~
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Sort of, I think some are still rping over skype, but like school hit a lot of our mods really hard (and one was in a hospital a lot) But we're planning a reboot probably mid-late june with a dungeon event and such.
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Yeah, that's what life does to people. =u=''
It's understandable but that sounds exciting!
I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us~ ouo
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We're working on establishing a new dungeon run so I'd say yes~ I don't think the chat has much life at the moment though but heading into the summer that should change
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Makes sense, I hope that the people of this group get more lively when summer comes~ >u<