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Oh also, what's your take on fan art?
To be more specific I'm a bit of a writer/story builder naturally myself, and while I don't have much experience/practice in actually drawing characters I do greatly enjoy the what and why of scenes and that provides the core of my motivation to draw them. So my (at the moment just idea's) fan art could get a bit fan-cannon-ish as, despite trying my best, I inevitably add to the characters and thus world as I make a scene that interests me. Especially when fan art is in the form of a mini-comic itself which is something I'm interested in doing.

With you being a creator yourself I can understand if you don't want to see that, ether for the sake of the characters remaining true to your vision or for not spoiling your own imagining of them. I know Dan Shive basically states as much for his comic and I completely understand the sentiment and want to respect those boundaries with you as well.

So I guess what I'm asking is how much freedom can I take if I where to make a mini-comic of fan art that ether just have your characters or has some of yours and some original? I'm asking as I really do care what you think and if you aren't comfortable with me doing anything at all like that (portrait like still images only), running it by you privately first to keep characters true, or going nuts and releasing it to the wild. Because ultimately it's your I.P. and I want to support you and your effort in it, and I'll still be happy if that's just watching you and your art.
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I have absolutely no problem with fan-created content, so long as A.) it's not for monetary gain at my expense, B.) I am properly credited as the copyright holder, and C.) I get a chance to admire it.  Beyond that, go nuts!  Back when I first started Bardsworth, I used to get quite a bit of fan art, and it would always make my heart swell every time (cue the audience "Awwwwww..." track).  I've sort of missed seeing peoples' takes on my characters.