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hi doc saw your latest episode and it got me wondering how come you didn't make a poster for your other new show the Questionable qloset ?
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Ah that was because this episode was written before Questionable qloset was finalized, so we couldn't be sure whether her show would be ready in time for the new season. We do plan to produce a poster for her show at a later date.

In future Crafty crew artwork she will be fully included c:
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that's good  by the way have you heard of Inazma Delivery ?
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well is a 3d animated series from Japan is adorable and the right amount of weird but entertaining weird and it only has two season's and you can see it in YouTube season 1 take about 21:32 minutes and season 2 takes about 21:33 minutes and worry about the characters for speaking Japanese because they hardly speak it all your love it 👍
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