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I am thinking about going into another website to upload my art as well. I just don't have the time to do that myself. I have been working like 6 days in a week and I only get a day off. Usually with that day off, I spend time with family or try to make at least one Perler art.

But before you go, I do want you to critique an old piece of Perler art. It's the feedback that persuades me to keep on going producing Perler arts like you. And I think you are familiar with this one. 

Junketsu Satsuki Kiryuin by R6b1xCub3r
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Check it out in the comments :P
Thanks, my friend. :)

If I go with another platform for posting Perler art, I might join you and start posting stuff on Instagram or maybe Patreon. Your critiques has helped me in the past and the latest one will continue to help me make more Perler art. 

Thank you again. :D
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