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it's a joy to see your tumblr, and see just what an amazing artist you've really blossomed into.  it's an honor to have seen your work a long time ago, and seen it grow until now.  keep growing.  you're absolutely a joy to subscribe to :heart:
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ahh omg!? thank you so much 8__8 ahaha silent hill, my first fandom... BY ANY CHANCE, are you E1N / SHYER???? I'm just looking at your gallery and like... this style, this pairing, and an "Ein"? could it be..?
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HAHAHHAHA HOW DID YOU REMEMBER ME THROUGH THESE YEARS, YES I'M EIN/SHYER... probably should've just plopped back onto my old ein account though didn't want to flood the gallery with a huge pairing art dump, especially of the not super kid-friendly kind.  because that's totally what this account is likely to be... also may have mature stuff going on.  I REALIZE THAT MY FOLLOWERS ON EIN HAVE AGED TOO, but i feel like it's more... innocuos over there?

btw.  super honored you remember me haha... it's odd because...!  i adore certain deviants but you never know if the feeling was mutual, you know?  you're a cool bean for sure so i definitely remember you, OBVIOUSLY FROM MY PREVIOUS COMMENT BUT STILL HURHUR. *u*  also thought you may have done a Richard artwork a long time ago but can't find it anymore... among MANY OTHERS... WHERE DID YOUR OTHER ARTWORKS GO, WOMAN... *seethes with rage!!!!* ... aww jk...

but for real, i miss that art!  HOWEVER you are SO MUCH MORE PROFESSIONAL NOW it's actually... idk if i would say unbelievable, but... it's jaw-dropping for sure.  amazing... thanks for being such a cool artist to spy on~ (i've done it now and again btw...telling you JUST SO YOU'RE CREEPED OUT FOR SURE NOW) :+favlove:
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ok I was like 90% certain it was you thank gosh omg A WARM HELLO it's been literal years Ein T_T I dropped away off the face of deviantart but how have you been? maybe I'd forgotten but, I didn't know you shipped these two! u///u did you ever tell me?? why didn't you tell me, this side of you we have never met

and hmm yes I maybe might have possibly have drawn some Eileen Richard tea times of my own and other things before but who knows where they went :^) sorry for blast to the past but actually, just the other week I was showing one of my friends this old old old giftart you did too…

you made my first fandom days some very cute and happy times, how could I forget an Ein??? likewise, your art has grown up so much sob... look at you, drawing nsfws as well....... we should keep up with eachother, where do you hang out these days !_!
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