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Hows everything been??

I'm just wonder as to what program/software that you use for the 3d art/models that you do also do you have any good tips for beginners such as my self that would be cool :D
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I'm using Rhinocerosh to make simple/geometrical pieces and ZBrush to make organic pieces (and keyshot for rendering). The only thing I can say
about the 3D model is that you have to know what you want to do, and try to have a good mesh. But I can't tell nothing more
from here xD you have to do a lot of proves to known the program and are things I can't sow you from here, sorry u.u
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Damn so many programs i will keep them in mind Thank you. I have just been using blender so far It's meh but it gets the job done.

I kinda know what i want to do my goal it to finish a death gun cosplay from ggo and i want to export them to pepakura because it's so easier to do a paper craft then to sculpt them :D

Again thank you :D
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Yes!pepakura rules to make props :happybounce:
And it's nothing^^