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I would love to help give ideas. Ever since I've heard of Thrive a couple years ago I've been so excited to make the change from Spore to this. I'm glad you guys are still functioning.

And now I wish to speed up development process a bit. While I'll be learning some IT to learn how to code in school this year, I would like to toss in concept art here.
...Maybe even create 3D models of creatures shown in the concept art here to help grab more attention?
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We would love if you wanted to help with coding once you learn it or 3D modelling.…
The game is currently written in C++, and scripting is done in Lua (using Luabind).
If you haven't done 3D modelling before, I could recommend Blender as free professional 3D program. There are also many good tutorials for learning Blender (and 3D modelling in other programs) that you can find on Youtube and other places online for free (as well as paid tutorials).

And apologies for the late reply.