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Ok, I think I got it sorted out. Thanks for the links.
Yes, I concur, we should start with the original game.
We should write down the additional features we want to implement before starting.
I don't know if isometric is a good thing since we couldn't use the original graphics (or re-drawings of them).
Also I don't think DA is the best place to discuss this and have it for a good read later - I think I'll set up a website for this, what do you think?

Maybe we 'need' a better artist - right now we only have you and I like it. If you find someone better who wants to help its okay. You know - changing graphics later on is not the problem if the program is working. But I need some high-res graphics to start with and yours are perfect for this need. Yes, cities are not easy, I know. :-) You will get it.

I don't think I can find the original cast since all their links are broken or down. If you find some email adresses or something I have no problems contacting them. I doubt that they can GIVE us allowance to use their graphics since they sold it via a publisher which is bankrupt right now. But that doesnt mean that the rights are free - understand? Its really important to use own graphics.

So. I propose this deal:
You will finish the Urga picture as said. Then the map-tiles for snow, track (just one direction is ok), city and the big picture of a trade-city aswell as the picture for the transarctica-engine. Also we need some goods.
I will start setting up a website and program the first tech demo of this. (horizon1). We can add other people and graphics and sound on the go.
What do you think?
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TzoliHobbyist Digital Artist
A website is good I think

About the locomotive I already have it:
And in the description another one

About the first map, what about that first two trade towns next to the starting position.
Also which map you need? The "radar" Map with the zoom tool. or the actual game screen map which you see all the time?

Radar Map:

Game screen map:
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Regarding the locomotive:
I need the following graphic:

Regarding the map:
I need the game screen map.
I don't need the whole map, just the tiles. You know: for the track make a 48x48 picture or something. Let's say that 1x1 = 48x48 pixel. Then a town would be 3x2 I guess, so it would need 144x96 or something like that.
I plan to use the tiled editor:

And I need the command interface (just a big picture). So in that game-screen-map link from you everything below the actual map. The clock, the icons.
I think you can do it! :-)
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TzoliHobbyist Digital Artist
That is a lot of work!
The map tiles would be easy I kinda like pixel stuff

So one tile unit is 48x48 pixel large yes?
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Yes, let's make it 48x48. :-)

Regarding the other stuff we will talk about in my new forum/website when it starts. Maybe just start with the easy stuff, the stuff you like . :-)
Why is the other stuff a lot of work? Can you tell me how much you would probably need to create it?
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TzoliHobbyist Digital Artist
if you can send me in a note your skype address I can contact you more easily.

Why it's hard? Let's see the original screens (Without the interface things) are very small 320x148 pixel while mine are much enlarged:
1280×594 pixels. Try enlarge a picture and you will see how hard to recognize something! also it's a lot of work to look like as they should be and I'm no pro artist at all!
If you ask how much time, I do not know. I never checks how much time I need to redraw one picture as I sometimes only work 1-2 hours sometimes a few minutes per day on a picture
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I get it! Thanks for explaining! You will have all the time you need.
I put up some basic website ( [link] ) and I'm working on the forums to get us started. Is it okay to use your pictures? I have put in a copyright with your name of course.
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TzoliHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure I don't care where my pictures end up with until somebody not states he/she created it