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I am in absolute love and awe by your work of pure art.

My favorites are your Killer Instinct and DOOM art. If I was a multi-millionaire I'd just buy all the necessary rights and licenses from id Software to create a studio and hire you as Lead Artists to supervise a complete re-creation of DOOM II: Hell on Earth and Ultimate DOOM with that exact same aesthetic.

My wishes:

1) I would LOVE if you ever found the time and will to work your absolute Godlike genius to have your artistic take on the original Mortal Kombat (I would imagine the famous "The Pit" map, maybe at the bottom with the spikes with a fight against Reptile). This wish also stems from the fact that the original MK trilogy has never truly been Remastered properly (with sprites re-drawn, animations re-done, etc). No one, technically, has ever seen what a MK1, MK2 or MK3-styled remaster in modern years would look like (all we have are gritty generic colors-deprived 3D games that look more like Gears of War than anything else).

2) Your Mega Man X art (which is absolutely incredible!) immediately made me think of what you'd do with Sonic, either Sonic 2 or Sonic 3.

3) Castlevania, would be my final wish. Either Castlevania IV from the SNES, SotN on the PS1 or even Bloodlines from the Genesis.

Anyway, just wishful thinking. If I had a lot of money I'd just directly pay you hundreds if not thousands for each one. You're an incredibly talented artist and I wish actual big name companies would take notice of you. My ultimate dream would be for some divine intervention so that a new DOOM game would come out looking exactly like what you've done without a single difference, only in motion. I would have a heart attack from just majestic work (I am a DOOM fan, this I think is clear by now, lol).

Thank you for all your work. You are amazing.