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I've admired, and faved your works over the years here on dA.
I would have hit the Watch button sooner, but, well, actually, there is no but.
Wait, wait, wait. I have a butt. I just don't have a but for the sentence above.
Okay, so to be clear, there's a butt, but, no but for above.
So let's see how that turns out.
I would have hit the Watch button sooner
No, that doesn't work.

:bulletblue: Take 2 :bulletblue:
:bulletred: Quiet on the set. :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: And...action. :bulletgreen:
I should have hit the Watch button sooner.

:spotlight-right:  :clap: :dance:  :clap: :dance: :spotlight-left:

Good Lord.
That was an ordeal.

You're a brilliant artists.
Thanks for sharing.

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