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hey hey,
we're in the uk these days...but trying to move to australia... i don't get on here much, I don't have much time to spend playing with photos any more, life kinda took over... 5 dancing classes a week. plus house group and church council doesn't leave time for much else and my hubby needs to see me at least occasionally! I just changed jobs, started the new one yesterday, so we'll see how that goes... hopefully it'll work out well :) sounds like you're doing pretty good, walking 8 miles? how's the family? :hug:
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family is troubled..complicated and I wish we could leave this country and move to Australia too but we would never meet their immigration standards.
I'm trying hard to let the Lord have His way is difficult but that is my lot.
I hate being poor.
I hate complaining.but I wish I could learn to let go.