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Seriously, you should do your own Hawkwind or Jerry Cornelius comic;
it would be brilliant I am sure.

You can post prose/poetry in DA too.

Like your posts on the Hawkwind list too. ;)
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i have had ideas for Hawkwind comix, and i am contributing to some future issues of Hawkfan, some pieces are up here, like the Reptoid Knight / Saint and the Utopian Blaster piece. I totally spammed the Hawkwind list recently with shameless self promotion for my stuff but someone pointed me to DA so thats sorted no future episodes hehe.
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It was I which pointed you towards DA. Thought it
might be helpful creatively and professionally.

We Hawkfans gotta stick together..... ;)
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cheers Nate! love the CDs, abit modern floyd and modern metal, a tad complex and spaced too.