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Hello!I came across your pokemon hack some days ago and I was really really rearing to play it,yet I couldn't find the right version,so for my good luck,I found that link on the pokecommunity: (… yet is that the finaly edition of it or another demo?And this is the first time I am downloading this so don't mind my heavy flurry of questions.

I wanna say that,it is an amazing hack and plez dun give up on it,It is really enjoyable from all of the hacks I've seen and all of the youutube vedeos I've seen on youtube,I liked it the most

.I was always searching for a hack like this for a long time and I think it also has some spites of pokemon x and y right?It is pretty amazing and would really like to see it happening

Only one thing:

On the official site,it doesn't really get us to the download link,it just gives out an error.
And I had the idea that you took it down due to fixes or I guess for reasons.

But is it really down?Did ya gave up on it?I wish I could give some extra support but I know nothing about this yet I support the game endlessly.