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Matildachan! I think you're awesome! o_o Quick question though; do you make most of your costumes from like a scratch pattern, or do you find a pattern to alter?

I totally dig the outfits! Great job with them!
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most of the time, I have patterns that I alter (hehe, I've used my ouran blazer pattern for Yami, Yusei, and Judai's jackets), but there have been times where I didn't have a pattern at all to work with (like Haou's armor).
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That's pretty cool X3 And a big money-saver on patterns o_o (If Fabricland isn't having a special, those patterns can get pretty expensive..) But that's really smart~
You did a really good job on that armor, though :3 So I really applaud you!

Thanks for the info~
Keep rocking those costumes! :3 Hehehe~