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Hey, you're very welcome. And i came to your page from Keja's (I follow her page. She is just sooo good!). After i saw the cover she made for you. IT got me so interested, i was putting everything on google translate just so i could understand, lol! i visited the amazon page too, read the synopsis you wrote at the back of your book, but google didn't do a very good job of translating, so i could not understand the plotline of the story so well.
But i understood that you must be very talented to get a person like me, who does not read german, to go through all that trouble to find out more about your book :)
I hope your book does really, really well.

Wish you all the best! 
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Oh, that's so sweet that you tried to translate it Hug  You know what? I'll translate the first chapter for you. It will be fun and a good practice for me. What do you think?

Yesterday I bought the ebook of your first story "Secret Of the Sighing Mountains" on Amazon. As soon as I have a little free time I'll read it - I'm so looking forward to that moment :)
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oh wowowow! wouldn't that be so cool?! I would love to read that first chapter. And you know what? Thanks so much for buying my book!!  You just made my whole week Huggle!Heart Heart Heart !
And here's what, to show you just how much i appreciate your sweet gesture and  how much this means to me, if you would like, i will help you with the English translation of your full book - to the best of my abilities that is! 
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You ... what? I can't accept such an generous offer - can I? You are such a kind person, it is really nice to know you :)

I will translate the first chapter (I hope I can to that this weekend, I'm crazy busy right know and have very little time) and if you like my story you can decide if you really want to start that translation project with me. Oh my, I will be in your debt. Like forever. I can't believe that you offered me that - I think you just made my whole everything Tight Hug 
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Sure! That sounds like a great idea to me! 3xhearts - free to use