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Hai! So I'm just a few years away from being a full adult, when I can finally get a suit. Anyway, I'm still saving my money, but when I do get enough, and I'm done growing, I plan to commission a full digigrade from you.^^ I have checked other makers, but your style is amazing! 
I do have a few questions though.

1.) With deer feet, I noticed how long the foot is, and how do you really walk in them? They look kinda hard to walk in.

2.) My character ( isn't a regular deer, so I just want to ask if this is something you can actually make. Such as the arms. They go from sleek fur to poofy, fluffy fur. Or how the tail is a rat like tail, the top of the wings are fluffy, and the head is dragon/wolf like, with a pinch of deer in it.
Also, I will be commissioning an anthro ref sheet from someone, so I can have a better reference.

3.) Is it possible to make the bell collar too? Of similar size as shown?

4.) Are the antlers something to hard? They are different and are unique. At the tip of each "branch", there are 4 little "twigs" that stick off and the start of the antlers are a bit different.

That's all the questions I have for now, I might have more later though!Wink/Razz  
Thank you for your time!
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send me a message via my webpage contact form:
I am happy to answer all of your questions there.