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Have you ever considered doing a shoot with the model Violet-Spider?

She does a lot of self made designs that are really artistic, and has an aesthetic to her creations that may compliment your style in terms well.

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Yeah, I can tell by your gross gifs of women in suggestive positions that you are a fair judge of character.

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Thank you! I was never rude, I simply said I did not want him to comments these on my profile. It felt cringy to make everyone who don't want to see them forcing them to see them here...

and yes! I think I follow her on instagram. Would be fun, I don't do much cosplay otherwise! :D

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Yes, unfortunately for a lot of guys, "You're being rude" essentially means "You're not letting me be gross and won't do everything I want on my schedule."

In regards to Violet-Spider, hopefully when things get back to a relative normal you'll be able to make a trip to work with her or vice versa. You bring out a great array of colors in your photography and her designs would be a good fit for that, IMO.