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Just found your page today and wow - definitely the best battlemaps I've seen. You deserve to be working for Paizo or WotC. (Not that their maps aren't nice as is) Your other work is great too!

I saw a few of your old comments mentioning a tutorial. Did you ever get around to it? Also on that note, have you ever considered sharing your collection of textures?
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I haven't yet (made any tutorials). My impression of Paizo is that they've got two artists that they'll continue to use forever (one for maps and one for concept), and my opinion of WotC is that they'll happily stick with Mike Schley, because he's predictable and always gets his stuff done early. I know Mike Schley, actually; good guy. He came to visit me in the hospital when I was ill. He's young and talented, and not at all stuck up about being the current favorite artist of Wizards.

That said, I do hope to get finished with a tutorial of how I actually make these maps sometime "soon" (i.e. eventually). If I ever get well again... -_- and rich enough to afford the software needed to film my computer screen and time-lapse it into a short movie. Sorry, no access to my textures at this point; since I created them, I have to hold on to them until I get recognition (i.e. eventually) -_-