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Although I was afraid I would get "intuition" as an answer, thank you very muchfor taking the time to answer. I have been experimenting, and using references to inspire different palettes (mostly your work actually) and while I'm not quite there yet, I would say it's slowly going there.

My main issue lies in the shades rather than the base colors.
In many different pixel artworks, I would see for example the artist using dark purple as a shade to a blue base, and it's funny that in the link you sent me, you're doing that exact same thing. And it boggles me sometimes, to how it all turns out to be a great fluid palette and not showing blobs of randomly mixed colors, which is what I sometimes end up with whenever I try mixing it up.

Here's a sprite for an original character I'm working on,  you could see the palette on the side and it's slightly different from what I usually use for a character. Like you said, I actually have a certain feeling/imagery in mind, and it's some kind of bright fantasy. I'd love to hear your thoughts, thanks again !
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The colors on your sprite look pretty good! 

About purple shading for a blue base, this is called hue shifting. When one uses hue shifting,
you have your lighter extremities of the color ramp tending to a certain color(usually yellow),
and the darker ones tending to another(usually purple).

I do recommend you do a little research on the subject as I'm no professional on the subject
and google will probably give you a better answer. 
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You may say you're no pro on the subject but your art says otherwise.
And thank you so much for clearing this up, I will definitely read about it.

Thank you again 😁