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Hey Furbs what happened to MonsterChef? I just came back to DA and he's gone. Did he get cancelled?

I had animated one of his paintings and was looking for the one of Wonder Woman getting spit roasted.

Power Girl bound and gagged
Power Girl bouncy in Space
Wonder Woman gif
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Hi man! Not sure about him. In recent months (final months of 2020), a lot of artists were either banned or "exiled" themselves voluntarily, as DA folks were taking down the moar "kinky" and "darkie" contetns of erotica. But I do not know if he was among one of these groups....

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Thanks for the reply. Any idea what aspect of kinky art got them banned? That just seems odd. All these hate groups going around sucks man. To think this discrimination against art is on going. It's like artists are being hunted down.

So I was gone. Just came back a week or so ago. So what happened? New policy or something?