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Ive always been a really big fan of your work. Your musics now nostalgia since I listened to it in early high school, and I'm now a sophomore in college. I've been so inspired by your work that some of my personal works and characters have taken the form of imagination and spat on paper from your aesthetic content. Here are a few examples:
Hidden Path by StoryBirdArtist
Inspired by listening to "Hidden path"
  Starfall 2019 by StoryBirdArtist  
Character Design - "Starfall"
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Hey :D that's awesome! I'm really happy to hear that, that's one of the bigger complements I can receive.
Love it! Especially the first one. Keep up the great work, and hope I can keep inspiring!
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Really? I'm so honored to hear that :heart:
I'm so glad you like these, your music probably inspires tons of people to do this stuff. I will and look forward for more coming out! I plan to do more pieces in the future :) 

I appreciate the watch!