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Hi!  That's great you finished your first Penciling assignment!  We look forward to receiving it!  :)

As far as our Saturday Life Drawing class is concerned, we offer this class year-round on a monthly basis.  This is a terrific class which is taught by instructors from our school who are also professional cartoonists.  We think you'll enjoy it!  :)  January has 5 Saturdays, so the class will be held for 5 weeks.  Here's more info and/or to register on-line through our website:…

In regard to our Horror Correspondence Course, this is a wonderful course, too -- especially if it's your favorite subject!  :)  All our courses (including Horror) start off with the basics and are great for all skill levels, starting from newbies to students with more drawing experience.

If you have any other questions, you can message us here -- or, if you like, you can email us directly at .  We hope you have a great holiday!