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What's the math you used to arrive at how space would cost trillions for the moon. and quadrillions for Mars? i am quite curious as i've come to the same conclusion but simply from economic returns.. Could Project orion of high-isp-high-thrust and a carefully managed space program with Spheroid O-nelli colonies (start small first!) (that everyone wants) eventually solve this problem? Something like the Liberty Ship?            I have my TH: P characters getting 500 secs with RP-1+LOX. and 1000 secs with LH2+LOX using High-energy fuels by means of processed additives. and Neptunia has NTRs and Beamed power.  so i want to know a lot! (I might consider 1000 seconds Falcon 9s.. if they were ever developed like what Zontargs would have used to say)