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I miss this comic so much. It's been 5 years since you last posted. I hope to see more one day.

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I’ve been trying to decide whether to finish it One Day or just do a big here’s-what-would-have-happened summary like a lot of other people do. My voice career leaves me almost no time for drawing, and even the amount it does leave me is taken up with illustration work and branding stuff for my voice career. What do you think, would a summary be better than nothing?

I know really late response but, for what it's worth I'd say a summary is better then nothing, but if it's between one day seeing full finish or summary think I'd be willing to wait. But if it's a project you're certain will never be finished I'd rather have the summary then nothing.

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I'm patient enough to wait for the conclusion, but if it's easier, go ahead and post a summary of what happened.