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I ask u black supremacy cultists these easy questions all the time yet u never answer:
1. Why can't u guys answer or explain why do the Jews who never left Israel are white?

2. Why can't we find a single black race person's skeleton in all of Israel and Judah? All them Ancient Hebrews turned out to be Caucasoids.
3. Why do the Jews who lived in Babylonia, Persia and Egypt since the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah in the 6th Century BC (ask them if they've ever read II Kings till its end?) are also white?

4. Why do u ignore clear mockery of black skinned people in the Hebrew Bible by the Israelites, like: Miriam and Aaron who mocked Moses' 2nd wife who was Nubian for being black behind his back? Or Jeremiah's mockery of the Nubian blackness? Or the racism that the Daughters of Jerusalem expressed at the bullied foreign wife of King Solomon in the "Song of Solomon"?