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Wow! I love Miffy and your gallery is awesome. :thumbsup: :+devwatch:
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Thanks a lot
Miffa was running out of inspiration...

Nice lambo, but Miffa loves Aston Martin
The old brithish heritage. ;)
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haha I like Astons too... but Lambos better... and Porsches (Carrera GT) better than that. :drool:
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A nice murcielago will look nice in father bunny's parking lot (if he had one!)
but both this car and Carrera Gt
1.are kind of showy space to carry your belowed little bunny and her Cutnejo friend

Little Miffa on the passenger seat of a lambo improves dating with blonde/brunette/redhaired girls by 148 %,
wanna try?
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:laughing: That's an interesting theory. I might get around to trying it some day. ;)
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have you seen how younger sisters take the esay way...
Miffa's sister loves Ferraris


btw: it wasn't our f430.
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the new 430. entry level. just a v8.
btw do you own a lambo.
Miffu is going to Australia this summer and may be she drive your lambo!!
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